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The Eye Malawi is a quarterly magazine containing listings and directories, maps, reviews, tour and travel information plus articles of interest. It highlights everything to do with Malawi, from hospitals to hotels,shops to sporting events and from embassies to entertainment. It is to all All advertisers, Bookshops, National & Regional Airlines, Tour operators, Blantyre & Lilongwe golf clubs & information offices. Foreign Diplomatic Missions and NGO’s. International Schools. Selected Restaurants and gift shops. All major hotels in Blantyre, Lilongwe, Cape MaClear, Monkey Bay, Nkata Bay & Mzuzu and the Malawi Tourism Board.

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Hi Guys,
Welcome to the next to the next issue of The Eye, bordering on the tenth year.
Great news we have had magesi (Power) this issue, however with the kwacha devaluing, leaves us in yet another type of fix. Hay it could be worse, they could both happen at the same time. Touch wood.

Our wonderful contributors still, as always never disappoint. The lead this issue is on Kugoni the heart of Malawi art & culture, Richard Hewitt showcases just how talented Malawian artists are. The pictures will leave you tempted to buy a piece-trust me. Susan Waldron brings us a very interesting piece on Snake bites… relax it’s not on the front cover. It’s simply saying be aware and what to do. I particularly like the end note, NOT written by her-self, which says don’t give any victim of a snake bite alcohol, who would be thinking that, the victim or doctor? Joking aside I learnt something. Harrison Simfukwe never disappoints with his insight on Chameleons. One close to my heart, Acupuncture as I can vouch for it. Mission Rabies are still on a war path…in a good way of course… and a bizaar one; I thought the goat races I used to attend were odd, now the Rotary brings to my attention there are bed races… well, I never.

Please guys, as readers help us update the listings. We can’t be everywhere all at once. PLEASE SEND PICTURES OF YOUR ANIMALS WHICH YOU FIND FUNNY and would like to be published. Big thanks to advertisers, WHO despite this current climate (nice way of saying really worrying situation with the economy), advertised in this issue. YOU will appear on our website free of charge for the 3 month period. (If we can still afford hosting!-only kidding).

Lots of love to all at Newlands Home who I understand liked my Santa Joke. I will however try keeping it tamer this issue for those lacking a sense of humour. A bear was taking a crap in the forest, when a rabbit walked by, the bear said `does poo stick to your fur? ` `No replied the rabbit` so the bear picked up the rabbit and wiped his bum with it!

Life is a waste of time. Time is a waste of life. Get wasted all the time and you’ll have the time of your life`- Billy Connolly - Cheers. See you lakeside for Easter

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