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The Eye Malawi is a quarterly magazine containing listings and directories, maps, reviews, tour and travel information plus articles of interest. It highlights everything to do with Malawi, from hospitals to hotels,shops to sporting events and from embassies to entertainment. It is to all All advertisers, Bookshops, National & Regional Airlines, Tour operators, Blantyre & Lilongwe golf clubs & information offices. Foreign Diplomatic Missions and NGO’s. International Schools. Selected Restaurants and gift shops. All major hotels in Blantyre, Lilongwe, Cape MaClear, Monkey Bay, Nkata Bay & Mzuzu and the Malawi Tourism Board.

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Dear Reader

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Dear Reader,
Welcome to the latest issue, Sept, October and November which brings us our lead written by our historian boff and just generally a really clever dude, Professor Harrison Simfukwe on the MV Vipya. Pictures were terribly hard to find, a shame as due to its historical value one would have thought it would have attracted more colonial photography - before it sank (1943-1946)! . Big thanks to Harrison, Frank Johnston & Society of Malawi for their help in this regard.

Every ones favourite Pharmacist is back with Bipolar: Dispelling the myths from the facts: I’m sure we have all seen the movie sixth sense...`I see dead people`. As well as Diabetes both symptoms to look out for and simple things we can do day to day to help ourselves.

Sharon our physio therapist is back with golf tips must fancy herself as a bit of one!
An article regarding the recent sightings of Lions in Nyika, great news from Lilongwe Wildlife Trust, Kate Moore & we have an update from `Ripple` an NGO focusing on `Fishing for tomorrow'. I only write Dear Reader 4 times a year, but wow time does fly as you get older, my next message to you will be before Christmas my head is still celebrating Easter. Stay safe all!

As always massive thanks to all above and my loyal advertisers who keep it possible to print this publication.
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