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The Eye Malawi is a quarterly magazine containing listings and directories, maps, reviews, tour and travel information plus articles of interest. It highlights everything to do with Malawi, from hospitals to hotels,shops to sporting events and from embassies to entertainment. It is to all All advertisers, Bookshops, National & Regional Airlines, Tour operators, Blantyre & Lilongwe golf clubs & information offices. Foreign Diplomatic Missions and NGO’s. International Schools. Selected Restaurants and gift shops. All major hotels in Blantyre, Lilongwe, Cape MaClear, Monkey Bay, Nkata Bay & Mzuzu and the Malawi Tourism Board.

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Dear Reader



Hi Dear Readers & Friends,

Welcome once again to the 11'" year and many issues of The Eye.
A quickie on what we have in store for you this issue.

Our Harrison Simfukwe bring us a piece on Aardvarks (translated 'Earth Pig'). Did know that even though they look like they are made up of different animal with their pig snout, rabbit ears and kangaroo tail their closest relative Is the African Elephant!

A very knowledgeable a old friend to The Eye is back, John Wilson. He brings us an interesting read on changing lake levels and their effect on the surroundings. Did you know in 1989 the lake was lower than it is today! Stay tuned for a follow up from Mr. Wilson.

Kate Moore is back with positive info on the progress on poaching and illegal trade of animal products who, with the support of the government are making headway.
Happy anniversary to a very worthwhile organisation WESM who celebrate 70 years.

Susan Waldron, points out to us facts on non communicable diseases, all those bad things I indulge in - thanks Susan!
With the start of Ramadan, we bring you some insight.

Big thanks to all as well as Tabitha Stokes - a volunteer co-ordinator, of Lilongwe Wildlife Centre, who pulled a couple of things out the bag for us!
Big thanks to all advertisers without whom you know this would not be possible.

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