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September - November 2015
Hello everyone, Welcome to the 32nd issue of The Eye Malawi. I trust the weather your side is heating up as it is Read More

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The Eye Malawi is a quarterly magazine containing listings and directories, maps, reviews, tour and travel information plus articles of interest. It highlights everything to do with Malawi, from hospitals to hotels,shops to sporting events and from embassies to entertainment. It is to all All advertisers, Bookshops, National & Regional Airlines, Tour operators, Blantyre & Lilongwe golf clubs & information offices. Foreign Diplomatic Missions and NGO’s. International Schools. Selected Restaurants and gift shops. All major hotels in Blantyre, Lilongwe, Cape MaClear, Monkey Bay, Nkata Bay & Mzuzu and the Malawi Tourism Board.

Articles in This Issue

Majete Wildlife Research, Department Conservation Ecology & Entomology, University of Stellenbosch, South Africa in collaboration with African Parks (Pty) Ltd. The story of Majete Wildlife Reserve is not unheard of and amongst conservationists it is legendary. It is common knowledge that before African Parks took over management of the Reserve in 2003 in a 25 year Public-Private Partnership (PPP) with the Malawian Government, poaching was rife throughout the reserve and the wildlife was being pushed to extinction. The elephant population that once numbered more than 200 in 1988 was all but destroyed by 1992. It is rumoured that an aerial survey conducted prior to the takeover counted more poachers camps than actual wildlife. However, that is all in the past and since African Parks came into the picture Majete has only gone from strength to Read More

It’s happening now at a faster rate than expected..., it is a no return long journey, but this, however, won’t be tomorrow.
Earthquakes and volcanoes form part of the natural hazards alongside floods, flash floods, tsunamis, cyclones and indeed many more. These natural hazards cause great physical damage to human settlements, buildings, structures and various Read More

Does the package warning: THIS BAG OF PEANUTS CONTAINS ------ NUTS’ amuse or annoy you?
Of course there is a serious point to such a fatuous statement - which is that PEANUT ALLERGY
is much more prevalent than it used to be – for reasons not entirely clear to the medical profession. You would be surprised at how many people carry a self - injectable ampoule of adrenaline around with them these days – on the advice of their doctor. Read More

police cells and prisons:
Locked up in overcrowded cells without food & water, often mixed with adults
To court without family or legal representation
Long sentences for small offences

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Meet the big five. Meet Malawi's most enigmatic residents and the conservation team championing them. they are volatious predators elusive, misunderstood and 8 million of them form arguably africa's greatest migration. There is one animal that dominates africa's mammal population but still remains largly unknown and underappreciated - bats.

There are 1800 spicies of bats worldwide, which accounts for 1/5th of the world's recorded mammal species! southern africa boasts 100 bat species and Read More

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