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Dear Reader


Hello everyone,

Welcome to the 32nd issue of The Eye Malawi…
I trust the weather your side is heating up as it is where I am - lakeside – Monkey Bay (tut tut, poor me).
Great articles this time round our lead is brought to us by Frances Forrer & Dr. Leslie on the conservation of the Elephant in Majete, thanks for the last minute help guys. My longest & dearest contributor Harrison Simfukwe brings us plate tectonics and the eventual loss of Lake Malawi, IN 50 MILLION YEARS, so no need to worry folks! You should find the myths at the end rather amusing!

The good doctor Howard Friend brings us the nasty side of peanuts & Isabel Rogers brings us the lighter side of Bats and their integral part of our ecosystems. And lastly we have an update on the efforts made by Byounique with the rehabilitation of young offenders.

Now remember life is like toilet paper, you’re either on a roll, or taking crap from some arse hole! Kikikiki.
Cheers & enjoy the summer people & catch you for Christmas.

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