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Dear Reader


Hi my lovelies welcome to the 8th year of The Eye Malawi. Before I get down to the nitty gritty with naughty people, I would really like to thank all those advertisers and contributors. One of these very people, Harrison Simfukwe brings us the lead on one of Malawi’s friendliest and rather pretty birds, the African Pied-Wagtail.

A regular contributor, stay tuned. Pierre Moorsom, as always you brought to the table your interest and knowledge in diverse subjects in part 2 of Bio-mimicry. Wicked carry on my lovely, expecting you to write on dentistry next issue Right, down to business with scallywags.. Next article is a funny storey, our really good
Doctor, Howard Friend, sent me an sms a month or so ago to say he would like to do an article on `Malawi Roads` , I am sure we all have an article or 2 about that. However, at the time I was in a left hand drive mobile home, driving back from Nkhota Kota, which are narrow roads & the width of the mobile home is wider than a truck. So Howard Hun, I am alive to publish your article and thanks for the reasoning at the time; the worse the roads the less likely you are to have an accident.Nice and look forward to more writings. Thanks to Matthieu Destremau who bring us a follow up on anti-poaching in Kasungu.

Keep going Matt and ill keep publishing, same applies to Mission Rabies and their valiant efforts.
In order to maintain the most accurate directory in Malawi we have had a clear up this issue in terms of updates, it has taken pain staking hours to email or call each individual listing, so if you find yourselves deleted/part info deleted, it’s because you didn’t bother to answer your email/phone/or bounced. So scallywags, take the time, like so many of you did (big thanks) to keep The Eye a number one magazine. Should I have any moans I will refer you to this page.

Don’t forget that brilliant shop @ Cape Maclear
turn off-One Stop Shop!

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